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Sowjanya Stands For 'Well-being For All'. Change Your Energy, Transform Your Life.
Our Intention Is To Empower you And Support You In Manifesting Your Maximum Human Potential That Is Unique to You , In All Areas Of Your Life.
Our Healing and Transformation Services offer Simple Energy Healing Tools and Techniques that remove blocks to the Financial, Physical, Emotional and Spritual Well-being of Individuals and Organizations.

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We have an ongoing scientific research program exploring consciousness and healing. As a part of our research activities, we have presented a Scientific paper for the first time in India at a Cardiothoracic conference, our results seen using energy based healing techniques, as Evidence Based Medicine.

Our Integrated Medicine team comprises of Dr.K.Rajalakshmi, Healer and Consultant in Energy Medicine,Dr.S.Swaminathan, Dean, Ayurveda College and Ayurveda Expert,Dr.Premanand Ponoth, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Dr.Krupa Shankar, Consultant Neurosurgeon.

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1 ) " We are speechless !! Amit started singing ABCD... today, for the first time in his life !! we are sending you the recording ! This is simply Unbelievable ! "
-Susan, Mother of a 5 year old child who hadn't spoken a word in his life, and started speaking for the first time, after starting remote healing sessions

2)" Hi Dr ! I'm robbing Maya and Sukumar the pleasure of informing you that Naren has scored 130 in his class. The average was 100. he needed a minimum of 120 to get admission in the BEST Grammer school there (U.K). SO YOU DID IT !!! Thank you !! "
- Aunt of a 6 year old child with NVLD , in the U.K

3)" Hello Dr, these are our observations in Sowmya since the time we started the healing sessions with you since the past 10 days. She is absolutely calm and composed the past few days and especially on thursday and friday she turned to be a silent saint, and we were (my wife and myself) so surprised to see that dramatic change ! She listens to our instructions calmly , which is a significant improvement. Speaking to herself has gone down almost 70 %, and we didn't notice her biting any objects. Overall she is showing tremendous improvement and cooperation in the past 10 days. Thanks a lot doctor ! "
- Magesh KB , father of a child with Autism in U.S

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